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A wrong diagnosis can set off a chain of adverse events

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Failure To Diagnose

You go to the doctor because you feel unwell. You expect to receive a diagnosis, a plan for treatment and perhaps a course of antibiotics or other medication that will get you healthy once again.

But what happens if your physician fails to diagnose your condition or gives you the wrong diagnosis, treatment protocol and medicine? You could find yourself in worse shape than you are already in.

Generally, it is not out of malice that doctors misdiagnose their patients. They are often harried and overworked and trying to manage the care of too many patients all at once. Other times, their diagnostic skills might not be up to par and they miss easy signs and symptoms of serious maladies.

In still other circumstances, human error can cause mismatched lab results or other problems that lead to the misdiagnoses.

Regardless, it’s the patients who suffer — and who might even die — due to physicians’ failure to correctly diagnose them. When this happens, those who erred or were otherwise negligent deserve to be held liable for their omissions.

We have helped many patients in the Boston area get compensation for the losses and damages they received as a result of being misdiagnosed by their doctors. We carefully review all cases to make sure that legal action is the appropriate response.

Then, we work with our clients to build a strong case. That often includes arranging for expert testimony from other medical professionals who can attest that the standard of care was not upheld and that the patient suffered or died as a result.