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September 2019 Archives

Did a co-worker's illness cause your on-the-job injury?

Significant numbers of workers in the United States face harm and perhaps even death due to safety risks posed by their own co-workers. Certainly, some of these dangerous lapses can be attributed to negligence. But with others, the root cause may far less clear.

Impaired surgeons can wreak much damage

Surgeons have an awesome responsibility to their patients. The patients they treat are often critically ill with their lives hanging in the balance. They are dependent on the surgeon's knowledge, guidance and steady hands. One wrong move in the operating room can mean the difference between life and death for the patient on the table.

A distracted driver could cause you injuries while on-the-job

If you are one of the many Massachusetts residents whose employment duties require driving, then you put yourself at risk for work-related injuries every time you get behind the wheel. Traffic, weather conditions and road conditions can be unpredictable enough without adding distracted drivers into the mix.

Was that amputation really necessary?

In prior centuries, a severe crushing injury or spreading infection in the limbs ended in either the patient's death or with the amputation of the mangled or diseased limb. Fortunately, modern medicine has advanced to the point where an affected limb may often be salvaged by a gifted orthopedic surgeon.