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Did a co-worker’s illness cause your on-the-job injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News

Significant numbers of workers in the United States face harm and perhaps even death due to safety risks posed by their own co-workers. Certainly, some of these dangerous lapses can be attributed to negligence. But with others, the root cause may far less clear.

Such might be the case when a co-worker’s declining health or chronic condition causes them to become a danger both to themselves and others working in close proximity with them.

What is the company’s responsibility when a colleague’s health dangerously deteriorates? There are very strict laws regarding the handling of complaints centered around disabled workers on a job site.

Companies must be careful, for instance, not to remove a worker simply due to age. However, that doesn’t mean that their advancing age cannot become a factor in their developing age-related conditions like dementia or slowed reaction times that could potentially endanger others working with and around them.

A direct threat to co-workers’ well-being must be both significant and well-documented. Employers must gather ‘substantial information’ regarding an individual’s medical status and work history that are independent of any supervisor’s or co-worker’s subjective evaluations.

Were you sickened or injured due to the actions or inactions of a colleague? Your company has the duty to keep the workplace as safe as possible for their workers. It may be possible to hold your employer liable for any injuries and damages that you suffer while carrying out your normal job duties.

A Boston workers’ compensation attorney can help you file a successful claim after an on-the-job injury or illness leaves you unable to work.