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Could your doctor be hazardous to your health?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Doctor Errors

Do you trust that your doctor has your best interests at heart? It’s very important that your relationship with your primary care physician and others who render you care is based on trust.

But there can be reasons that you may start to question your doctor’s intentions and/or actions regarding your treatment plan. Below are some circumstances where your doctor may be negligent.

They’re taking kickbacks

Pharmaceutical reps can pull out all the stops when they are trying to get doctors to prescribe their products. From catered lunches in the office to luxury stays at golf and beach resorts, your doctor could be living large off the perks they get to prescribe certain medications to their patients.

On the surface, there may be nothing inherently wrong with their treatment plan for you. But problems could develop if they are overprescribing some drugs to patients who may benefit more from a different medication or treatment protocol.

They made a mistake

Medicine is not an exact science, and sometimes trial and error is involved. But that doesn’t mean that doctors who make medical mistakes are off the hook. If the treatment they render their patients falls short of the acceptable standard of care and a patient dies or suffers a worsened condition as a result, the doctor could face allegations of malpractice.

They perform unnecessary surgeries

Sometimes, surgery is the only viable treatment route. But the general rule is to try to fix the problem by using less invasive measures. If those options don’t do the trick, then surgery may be necessary.

But some physicians are too quick to cut because they view surgery as the most expedient way to address their patients’ health issues. The problem is that even minor surgical procedures carry risks, and patients can suffer complications that can even include death. Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion if surgery is recommended.

Understand your options after a medical mistake

If a doctor’s error or other negligence causes you injury or harm, you have the right to seek financial compensation by filing a claim for malpractice against them.