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Arc Welders Endure Many Dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

The heat that goes along with working as an arc welder can become downright unbearable. The arcs produced by electricity and high heat used in gas welding applications can produce up to 10,000 degrees of mostly localized heat. The exceptionally bright light also can burn the retinas in a welder’s eyeballs and cause permanent blindness. Many injuries commonly occur on the job along with other dangers that could trigger a workers’ comp claim.

Burns Commonly Occur with High-Heat Jobs

The extremely high temperatures associated with welding wind up causing burns to welders in many ways. The slag from the weld, an extremely hot piece of metal and the electrical arc or gas flame commonly cause worker injuries. Special safety equipment can help to prevent burns, but some workplaces might lack full gear for the job. Proper safety equipment for welders includes eye protection, a helmet for arc welders, leather gloves, a leather apron and steel-toe leather boots. Workplaces lacking such safety equipment run an especially high risk of worker injuries.

Electrocution and Explosions Could Kill

Electricity is an important component of arc, TIG and MIG welding. It requires electricity to flow through the metal pieces being welded to create an electrical arc and sufficient heat to make a proper weld. The electricity can cause an electrocution if the workplace it not safe and the equipment is used improperly. The extreme heat and use of highly flammable gas in some welding processes also create particular dangers that can lead to death if an explosion were to occur.

Inhalation Dangers Threaten Welders’ Health

The welding process can produce highly toxic gases and fumes that require proper ventilation to control. Substances like nickel, silica, asbestos, and arsenic can produce toxic fumes that can damage the lungs or worse. The heart, central nervous system and other parts of the human body all can suffer significant damage. Whenever a welder is injured while on the job, a potential workers’ comp claim should be filed. If the job provider resists, a Boston attorney experienced in workers’ comp cases can help hold employers liable for related costs.