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What are the top construction site hazards?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Year after year, construction work has one of the highest injury rates of any job field in Massachusetts. Despite safety advancements over the past few decades, hundreds of construction workers still die every year from preventable accidents. Here’s a look at the most common hazards on the job site.

What are the biggest causes of job site injuries?

Unsurprisingly, falls are consistently ranked as one of the top workplace injuries. In fact, falls cause 33% of all construction worker deaths on the job. Since construction workers often work from tall heights, a fall could easily lead to severe injuries or death. Falls are frequently caused by unsteady ladders, building cave-ins and improper use of equipment.

Exposure to toxic chemicals has also caused many construction workers to take time off and seek workers’ compensation. Construction workers frequently use hazardous materials on the job site, and these can cause injuries from spills and inhaled fumes. Workers should wear protective gear when dealing with toxic chemicals, but many employers don’t supply their workers with the gear that they need to stay safe.

Many construction workers are also exposed to electrical hazards. A worker could easily be electrocuted if the electricity wasn’t shut off properly. They could also fall victim to a loose wire or a damaged cable. Electrical hazards are so dangerous that they make up 8% of all construction worker fatalities.

What are your next steps if you have an injury on the job?

If you get injured on the job, your first instinct might be to keep working. But if you don’t take time off, you could injure yourself even further. Workers’ compensation allows you to collect a paycheck while you’re recovering so you can support yourself and your family members. Talk to an attorney about filing for workers’ comp.