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Types of workers’ comp benefits available in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

In Massachusetts, the law mandates that most employers (with some exceptions) have workers’ compensation insurance in place. If you have been severely injured while at work or conducting job-related activities, workers’ comp (if approved) will take care of any medical and disability expenses you may have. However, what most people are surprised about are all the types of workers’ comp benefits available. The following includes further information on the four most common.

Temporary disability benefits

Temporary disability benefits are, perhaps, the most common type of workers’ comp that people are going to require. For example, someone who breaks his or her leg and cannot work until it heals is usually going to fall into this category. In the meantime, his or her doctor visits, prescriptions and any required surgeries will be paid for.

Temporary partial disability

In some cases, an injury may be severe enough to prevent you from performing one element of your job, but you can still do other things, such as administrative assignments, that enable you to sit down. In this case, workers’ comp still covers your expenses, but you may remain at work to continue to earn a paycheck.

Permanent partial disability

If your injuries are permanent but do not keep you from working, you may qualify for permanent partial disability. This form of workers’ compensation will provide you with at least 60%, but not more than 75%, of your living wages.

Permanent total disability

If the severity of your injuries makes it so you can never return to work, permanent total disability is available to most employees. This benefit provides people with two-thirds of their average weekly wages.

These benefits are available to most employees, but the fact is that there are going to be times when claims are challenged either by an employer or its insurance company. That is why it is highly recommended to always have an attorney at the ready. Doing do so may save you from having to go through constant legal obstacles.