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What do you do if you are not able to do your old job?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

You suffered an injury on the job. Now, you are receiving medical treatment and you hope to return to work soon. As the weeks pass, you may begin to wonder about returning to work.

Once your doctor tells you that you may not be able to do the work you did when you got hurt, you may get worried. How will you support yourself and your family?

Massachusetts law allows you to retrain for a different job

In Massachusetts, workers’ compensation laws include a provision that allows injured workers such as yourself to retrain for a different type of job. Depending on your injury, returning to that position may be medically impossible. If your injury is an illness related to your job, you may be eligible for benefits.

Once your doctor tells you that you may not be able to return to your old position, you should also learn about vocational rehabilitation benefits.

You may also receive other workers’ compensation benefits

After you report your injury to your employer, you may begin to receive some of the benefits for which you are eligible. This includes medical coverage. You may also begin to receive other benefits related to your injury. You receive these benefits no matter who was at fault for your injury.

If you do not take part in vocational rehabilitation, you may lose benefits

Once your doctor makes the decision that returning to your past job is no longer possible, you may decide to accept vocational rehabilitation.

You may know that your wage replacement payments are limited to 260 weeks. Once these benefits expire, you may need another job, which vocational rehabilitation may assist you with. Learning more about your options may protect you after you are hurt.