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Your pressure cooker exploded, causing you to be burned

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Injuries

You might have been using a pressure cooker for years. They are durable and so convenient to use when you want a hot meal.

The last time you used your pressure cooker, it malfunctioned. The cooker exploded leaving you with painful burns.

Common pressure cooker defects

While pressure cookers are convenient to use when you do not have a lot of time for a hot meal, they do come with risks. Some pressure cookers have defects which are common among brands. These defects include:

  • Pressure cookers exploding due to insufficient steam venting
  • Lid seals are inadequate for the build up of pressure within the cooker
  • Defective cooker gaskets allow the pot to open too early

Pressure cookers work by increasing the boiling point of liquids through the use of high pressure. The foods cook fast, with small amounts of energy, time and water.

Recalls of pressure cookers

Over the past three decades, more than 346,000 pressure cookers were recalled for various defects. These included faulty gaskets allowing cooker lids to be opened while interior pressure was high; another design defect allowed the operation of pressure cookers without the lids being properly sealed and a third defect allowed food expulsion related to lack of steam venting. A fourth recall resulted from the cooker opening too early as the food was cooking.

While these recalls were voluntary, the only way the manufacturers learned of the defects was through consumers filing reports.

Receiving compensation after suffering burns from a defective pressure cooker

Learning how you can file a complaint and receive compensation for your injuries can result in pressure cooker manufacturers focusing on the redesign of safety features in their products.

This applies to the companies making, selling and distributing pressure cookers.