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The most common medical errors that often prove to be fatal

When health care goes wrong, the consequences can be devastating. When a loved one dies due to substandard medical care, most people would want to hold somebody responsible. Have you experienced such a tragedy? If certified medical staff failed to comply with accepted standards of care, you might have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Facing a lengthy recovery after an injury in a confined space?

If you work in construction, you are more than likely well aware of the dangers you face each time you go to work. Falls from scaffolding, cranes or other heights make up an inordinate number of the injuries attributed to construction work. Other accidents involve collapses of roofs, walls or some other part of a structure. Electrocutions, injuries from falling equipment and improper use of equipment all lead to injuries as well.

A misdiagnosis when your doctor doesn't use the proper test

For most of us, cancer is the scariest test result. A disease like cancer, which can be so debilitating and deadly, is typically the worst-case scenario in a medical situation. When physicians diagnose cancer, they should be sure that they are using the correct test to verify the illness before going forward with treatment. Otherwise, a person could be harmed by unnecessary medical intervention.