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Failure to Diagnose & Misdiagnosis Archives

4 common questions about misdiagnosis

Many of us dread going to the doctor. It's normal to be hesitant about placing your health in the hands of someone else - especially when you're undergoing risky procedures such as surgery. You have to trust that the doctor, nurses and other medical professionals will do their jobs well.

Rare cancer misdiagnosis leads to chemotherapy, hysterectomy

Picture going through months of chemotherapy – even having a life-alerting surgery – all to treat the cancer that you did not really have? It’s a hard image to even process, but it’s a reality that some women are going through.

Medical mistakes a leading cause of death nationwide

We would all like to believe that the purpose of the medical industry is to heal patients, not hurt them. Yet few people realize just how frequently medical errors occur. In fact, medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of death nationwide - right up there with heart disease and cancer.