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Can understaffing lead to negligence?

Data from England's University of Southampton confirmed what astute patients and their advocates have known all along: Hospitals with fewer registered nurses on staff experience higher mortality levels. It's logical to extrapolate that a dearth of nurses means that those who are working will not be able to deliver adequate care to their patients.

Did your nurse get enough sleep last night?

When you are a patient in a hospital or a resident of a nursing home, the last thing that you want to worry about is whether the nurse in charge of providing your care is sleep deprived. After all, patients are both vulnerable and dependent upon their nurses for the most basic tasks when they are hospitalized.

Patient's death results in jury verdict, awareness campaign

It happens all too often. A patient enters the hospital for a routine surgery but doesn't leave alive. The reasons can be complex but sometimes are deceptively simple. In fact, a study conducted at John Hopkins University found that more than 250,000 patients die annually in America because of preventable medical errors.

Was your loved one harmed at a skilled nursing facility?

Making the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living center is often fraught with guilt and worry. That's understandable, since one-third of the residents and patients in skilled nursing facilities experience harm like infections and medication errors related to their treatment.