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Filing a safety complaint about your workplace

When you go to work each day you don't anticipate winding up in the hospital or even seriously injured to the point where you can no longer work. Workplace injuries are serious, and many of them are preventable. Employees have the right to file complaints against their employers with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when they do not feel safe on the job.

Did you get compartment syndrome from an on-the-job injury?

Boston workers could face severe injury from a condition they may never have heard of — acute compartment syndrome (ACS). The condition can develop in the muscles of a worker's limbs following a fracture or a crushing injury.

Recreational pot is legal but could still affect workers' comp

Regardless of where you stand on marijuana legalization issues, there are many reasons to be glad that recreational marijuana is now legal here in Massachusetts. For one, the new laws protect otherwise law-abiding people from getting arrested on pot charges. However, that does not mean that all residents are free to light up without consequences.

Workers' comp may cover PTSD, other mental distress

Most people understand that if they break a leg on the job while carrying out their duties that they can file for workers' compensation benefits. They may realize that they also qualify for injuries and conditions that occur over time, like mesothelioma from asbestos exposure or repetitive stress injuries from an assembly line job.

Can you claim benefits for injuries in an office setting?

When you consider all the ways in which employees can get hurt on the job, most people think first of more obvious hazards and workplace accidents like those affecting construction workers and others in typically dangerous jobs.

Cause of September gas explosions determined

According to federal investigators, the trigger for the series of deadly gas explosions in and around Lawrence last month was Columbia Gas of Massachusetts' failure to move from an abandoned pipe an underground pressure sensor while construction work was taking place in Lawrence.

Are you at risk for compartment syndrome on the job?

If you are a Boston construction worker, you could be at risk for a condition you may never have heard of. Compartment syndrome is often a serious complication of an on-the-job crushing injury, although that is not the only cause of the condition.

Eye injuries can result in temporary or permanent vision loss

Occupational eye injuries can threaten the vision of workers on a short or long-term basis. In turn, this loss of vision can affect injured workers' ability to earn an income. Fortunately, victims of workplace eye injuries are usually eligible for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits replace a portion of the worker's lost wages and cover medical treatment for the injury.