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Must all Boston employers carry workers' compensation insurance?

The short answer to this question is that most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. However, a better way to answer is by providing you with a brief overview of employer requirements regarding workers' compensation.

Construction safety: Don't let demolition projects knock you down

As a construction worker in Massachusetts, you already most likely realize that you frequently put your life on the line. Compliance with safety regulations is essential in this occupation. Your employer plays a big role in ensuring your health and safety whenever you are on duty, and a part of that responsibility is to provide adequate safety training that will enable you to recognize hazards and know how to avoid injuries.

Is there a waiting period for workers' compensation in Boston?

Although the workers' compensation program is designed to be as simple as possible, it does not usually feel that way to injured workers. Unless you have experience with the program, workers' comp can be confusing. This is especially true when it comes to when you can receive your compensation.

Workplace safety should be improved in key areas

The Boston, Massachusetts, area has a high number of work sites, where people do everything from laying the foundations of buildings to installing plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems. When something goes wrong at these sites and workers suffer injuries, they are entitled to workers' compensation. Of course, workers prefer to avoid injury in the first place. Their bosses, to avoid lawsuits, bad press, and worse, should also make prevention of accidents their first priority.

Fall results in workers compensation case

Boston is home to many hardworking individuals for whom English is their second language. A high percentage of them speak Spanish as their first language. When those individuals suffer injuries while working, they may need the help of others to translate from English to Spanish, including in cases that involve claims for workers' compensation.

Worker injured in partial trench collapse

There are ongoing public works projects throughout Boston, Massachusetts, virtually every day of the year. When injuries are suffered by workers at the sites of those projects, there may be a basis for filing workers' compensation claims. A recent accident one Mill Street one Thursday morning did result in an injury being suffered by a water department worker, and the details of that accident are now being made public.

Nurses and doctors need to report workplace violence issues

Everyone deserves to feel safe and actually be safe while they're at work -- unfortunately, many nurses and doctors work in an environment that is anything but. Violence against employees in the health care sector is a virtual epidemic of its own.