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What every office worker should know about repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries (or RSIs) make it difficult for workers to complete their jobs without experiencing high levels of pain. These injuries account for approximately one-third of all time away from work. Since they often develop gradually before escalating, many individuals do not recognize their injuries as stemming from repetitive motions performed at work until much later. Learn to recognize the symptoms of common RSIs and find out what medical care you are entitled to by law.

Why social media could hurt your workers' compensation claim

The use of social media provides us with many positive benefits. It allows us to stay in touch and keep up with the goings on of our friends and family. Social media has become a catalyst for communication; people post pictures and updates about their life, activities they participate in, articles they're interested in, causes they support and any other facet of their life they feel like sharing. While sharing the happenings of your life can make for entertainment and interesting topics to discuss, it can also cause major problems, especially when it comes to workers' compensation cases.

Roofers face a high risk of deadly falls

For workers in the roofing industry, each day on the job comes with risks and difficulties. Roofers face exhausting work over long hours under the hot sun. On top of the demanding physical labor and harsh weather conditions, there's also one constant danger that outstrips all others: falls.