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Could Proper Medical Care Have Prevented Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a devastating, lifelong diagnosis. In some pregnancies, it’s the result of genetic factors that cannot be avoided. In other cases, however, it’s avoidable through proper monitoring of both the fetus and the mother. The only thing worse than learning that your child is suffering from this disorder is discovering that it could have been prevented.

Let Us Help You Get Answers — And Compensation

If you suspect that negligence could have contributed to your child’s condition, turn to us for answers. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the medical malpractice lawyers of Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates, have the credentials for handling these tough cases. We will draw on strong backgrounds in both law and medicine to help find answers to the questions you have about your child’s birth.

If our investigation reveals that medical malpractice contributed to your child’s condition, we can discuss how to go about obtaining compensation for your child’s future needs.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is most common in multiple births (e.g., twins, triplets), older mothers (over 35) and pregnancies with placental problems. All of these situations require close monitoring.

What exactly contributes to preventable cerebral palsy? There may be multiple factors:

  • An obstructed delivery — or assisted delivery with instruments such as forceps or vacuum extractor — can cause oxygen deprivation, leading to permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy.
  • Umbilical cord prolapse (or compression of the umbilical cord) that went undiagnosed or untreated is another cause.
  • Inadequate monitoring can also contribute. The fetus should be monitored for a changing or falling heart rate, which is a sign of fetal distress. Monitoring contractions is also a way to determine fetal distress. If fetal distress is detected, the baby needs oxygen, and oftentimes an emergency C-section should be performed. A doctor’s failure to monitor your baby’s condition during pregnancy or labor — or failure to perform an emergency C-section when indicated — can be medical malpractice.
  • Another cause of cerebral palsy is the oversedation of the mother. The use of anesthetics during labor and delivery must be carefully monitored to prevent injury to the mother and fetus.

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