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Common Questions To Medical Malpractice Matters

Many of us head to the doctor because we need answers. When they make a mistake, the consequences can be life-changing and catastrophic. When that happens, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates has decades of experience helping clients throughout Massachusetts. With both lawyers and medical professionals on staff, we have the knowledge you need to move forward. Whether it is referring you to a specialist or reviewing your case, we will do everything we can to fight for your rights.

After reading through the list of questions below, call our office in Boston to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options at 1-877-LAW-DOCS today.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to your general questions

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is negligent care given by a health care provider – doctor, nurse, hospital or others – that falls below that standard of care of similar providers that causes harm to a patient. These standards of care may be published by a medical society or other organization, and are required knowledge for medical professionals.

Unfortunately for their patients, some medical professionals give care that falls below these standards; care that is negligent and harms their patients, such as delay in the diagnosis of cancer leading to loss of a chance of a cure, or misdiagnosing a condition because routine tests or procedures were not ordered.

It takes experts to determine what is negligent and what could have been done to avoid the harm from that negligence. Contact us to evaluate your medical malpractice case.

Who can be held liable for my injuries?

Every case is different. That being said, the doctor, hospital and nurses can all potentially be held responsible for any and all mistakes they make. They have a professional obligation, and it is important that we hold them accountable.

Do you have a malpractice claim due to misdiagnosis?

Unfortunately, some doctors fail to practice according to the standard of care required of them and fail to diagnose conditions that harm their patients. Doctors may be negligent by assuming that a breast lump is just a cyst or that rectal bleeding is just from hemorrhoids; that misdiagnosis of cancer may cost their patients their life. HMO’s and managed care may not approve certain treatments or procedures. This rationing may lead to misdiagnosis

If a doctor or other medical professional failed to properly and timely diagnose the problem that led to your injury, call THE LAW DOCTORS for a free consultation regarding your rights and to recover your damages.

Will I have to go to court?

Again, this is case-specific. Our team is more than qualified to negotiate a settlement out of court on your behalf. However, we won’t back down from a challenge, either. If we think the best way to handle your claim is by going in front of a judge, we will do just that. We will always tell you what we think is best.

How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim?

In Massachusetts, you typically have three years to file a lawsuit. This, sometimes, can change based on your situation. For example, it may take some time for you to feel or notice your injuries. In those cases, we will be able to tell you what your chances are of going to court.

How long will my case take to be complete?

Our job is to get things done as swiftly and quickly as possible. The length of time your case takes depends completely on the specifics of your claim. Things can be settled within a year or may drag on much longer than that, depending on what the medical professional has to say.