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Do You Have A Serious Medical Condition That Was Misdiagnosed?

Misdiagnosis is one of the leading forms of medical malpractice nationwide. When doctors overlook serious medical conditions, the consequences can be life-threatening.

At the law firm of Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates, we understand the devastating toll that misdiagnosis takes on patients and their loved ones. Perhaps you were diagnosed with a type of cancer that was treatable, but by the time you received the correct diagnosis, it was too late. Or maybe your loved one rushed to the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, only to be sent home and later collapse.

Whatever your situation, we are here to help. Our firm has not only lawyers, but also doctors and nurses on staff to evaluate your claim. You can rely on us for a swift and thorough investigation to get the answers you deserve.

Why Diagnosis Errors Occur

One of the most important jobs of a physician is to diagnose medical problems. Only with a timely, accurate diagnosis can you begin receiving the treatment you need.

However, when doctors are negligent, you may end up with a wrong diagnosis or a diagnosis that comes too late. These inexcusable errors happen because doctors:

  • Fail to order the right diagnostic tests
  • Fail to gather a full medical history
  • Fail to take your symptoms seriously
  • Fail to interpret the test results correctly
  • Fail to refer you to a specialist

When you come to us, we’ll get to the bottom of what factors contributed to the harm you have suffered. Our attorneys won’t hesitate to pursue full compensation for you.

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