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Negligence In Hospitals: One Of The Nation’s Leading Killers

People go to hospitals to get well — not to become worse. Unfortunately, however, far too many patients end up with life-threatening conditions as a result of their hospitals stays.

Recent studies have shown that negligence in hospitals is far more prevalent than most people realize. In fact, mistakes on the part of doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals are a leading cause of death nationwide.

Understanding Your Options

What are your options for pursuing legal action if you’ve been the victim of negligence in a hospital? It depends on your situation. Most hospitals in Massachusetts have charitable immunity, which places limits on how much you can recover against the hospital itself. However, you may still have a strong claim against the individual health care provider who was negligent by:

If you have questions about your doctor or hospital’s role in contributing to your condition, talk to one of our experienced attorneys at Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates. We’re familiar with the standards that medical professionals and institutions must uphold. Working with doctors and nurses on staff, our lawyers can help you understand whether negligence contributed to your condition.

The Road To Recovery Is Just A Phone Call Or Click Away

You should never be left with deep-seated uncertainties about whether negligence contributed to your worsening condition (or to the loss of a loved one). Let our legal team help you get answers. Call our office in the Boston area at 1-877-LAW-DOCS for a free consultation. We’ll work quickly to give you a thorough evaluation of your rights.