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We Understand The Extreme Toll Hand Fractures And Injuries Can Take

It’s easy to take our hands for granted. We use them every day, for the smallest tasks such as typing to the largest tasks such as lifting. When your hand is out of commission due to an injury, it can have a big impact on your daily life — especially if it’s your dominant hand. Chronic pain and immobility can also affect your employment if your job requires manual dexterity.

Getting An Accurate Diagnosis And Effective Treatment

After a hand injury, the initial evaluation is critical for determining the extent of the damage and deciding how to restore proper anatomy. The outcome of treatment largely depends upon the judgment of the doctor who first sees you. In recommending a course of treatment, your doctor must consider:

  • Your unique lifestyle and occupational needs
  • How the injury occurred
  • How much time has gone by since the injury
  • Whether you’ve received any other treatments
  • Whether you’ve had a history of problems with that hand

Your doctor must make a careful assessment early on to ensure an accurate diagnosis. A thorough physical examination is very important. However, one of the greatest pitfalls in treating hand injuries is to focus too much on the obvious fracture, missing more subtle — but often more significant — damage to the bones and surrounding tissues.

X-ray examinations can help pinpoint the extent of the damage. Doctors should always order X-rays, even if no bone injury is obvious from the physical examination. Many fractures and joint injuries go overlooked because the doctor didn’t take this important step.

Suffering A Poor Outcome Due To Doctor Negligence?

Are you living with a poor outcome from a hand injury because of a missed diagnosis? Did your doctor fail to order or properly interpret X-rays? Did an emergency room physician overlook critical symptoms?

Call 1-877-LAW-DOCS to discuss your case with the “Law Doctors” at Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates. Our attorneys understand the legal standards that apply in these situations. Together with our doctors and nurses on staff, we will get to the root of what went wrong in treating your injury, and whether negligence played a role.

Your initial consultation is free. Based in the Boston area, we handle orthopedic malpractice cases throughout Massachusetts.