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Errors In Diagnosing Or Treating Neck Fractures Can Be Devastating

Neck fractures used to be a death sentence. At the very least, they resulted in devastating paralysis and permanent disability.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in medical technology, many of these injuries are now treatable — so long as the patient receives a swift and accurate diagnosis. The prognosis for a neck injury depends on the nature and extent of the damage as well as the riskiness of the treatment. Spinal surgeries require a great deal of precision. In tricky cases, much can go wrong, leading to further spinal cord damage and nerve injuries in an already unstable area. Proper postoperative care is also essential for providing the best possible conditions for recovery.

Every Neck Injury Deserves A Careful Evaluation

Whenever a neck fracture is a possibility, doctors have a responsibility to investigate further, using tools such as:

  • X-rays, MRIs or CT scans
  • A careful physical examination, including a neurological assessment of reflexes and motor function
  • A thorough history of what contributed to the injury
  • Stabilization of the spine, either externally or internally

Sadly, far too many doctors don’t handle these cases with the care they deserve. Perhaps a busy and overworked emergency room doctor missed a serious fracture. Or maybe your surgeon didn’t have the level of expertise needed to undertake a successful operation. As the patient, you end up suffering the consequences of such negligence — which can be life-altering.

Get Help From A Team Of Attorneys, Doctors And Nurses

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