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Shoulder Fractures: Getting The Right Diagnosis And Treatment

Shoulder fractures can affect the shoulder blade, the collarbone or the upper arm. They may also cause torn ligaments and other soft-tissue damage.

To successfully treat shoulder fractures, your doctor must first make an accurate diagnosis. X-rays may be necessary to identify the damage — especially in commonly overlooked injuries such as posterior fracture dislocations. Statistically, over 50 percent of these fractures are missed during initial examination.

Depending on the exact type of injury you’ve suffered, you may have multiple treatment options ranging from physical therapy to surgery. Your doctor has a responsibility to recommend the right treatments depending on the nature of your injury.

Preventing Further Complications

A major concern with shoulder injuries is preserving your range of motion. The shoulder joint has a greater range of motion than any other joint in the body. However, when it becomes immobilized to allow for healing, adhesions can form.

Adhesions are stiff bands of tissue that interfere with motion. If untreated, they could progress to frozen shoulder syndrome (adhesive capsulitis), which can cause long-term pain and immobility. Your doctor should prescribe motion exercises as early as possible to reduce the risk of complications.

Find Out If Negligence Contributed To Your Lasting Injury

Do you have doubts about whether your orthopedic surgeon correctly diagnosed and treated your shoulder injury? Have you been left with chronic pain and limited mobility?

At Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates, we can help you get the answers you deserve. Our law firm has doctors and nurses on staff to provide a thorough evaluation of your situation. We understand the many types of shoulder injuries and the differing standards of care that orthopedic doctors must uphold. With our attorneys on your side, you can rest assured that your rights won’t be overlooked.

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