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Posts tagged "failure to timely diagnose"

Be aware of the 5th leading cause of young adult deaths

Strokes are not medical events that only impact the elderly. The older you get, you are probably starting to grasp the reality that old age is relative. Technically, you might be seen to others as, well, old -- or at least older. 

The vital role communication plays in medical diagnosis

The National Academy of Medicine reported that diagnostic errors often result in devastating consequences for patients. In fact, an error in diagnosis reportedly is a factor in 10 percent of patient deaths. Hundreds of thousands of individuals every year face tragic consequences because of some caregiver's failure to timely diagnose their medical condition. And ultimately, allegations of failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis are at the center of a large number of medical malpractice cases.

Mother suffers a stroke after delivering her child

Because a Massachusetts woman suffered a stroke in 2010 shortly after giving birth to her daughter, a jury in Dedham awarded her a medical malpractice verdict of $35.4 million. The resulting paralysis due to the stroke was so severe that the mother now only has movement in her right arm. She also requires round-the-clock care.

Study shows the dangers of Newton misdiagnosis

One of the worst things that can happen when a person in Newton goes to the doctor for treatment is to be subject to a misdiagnosis or a failure to timely diagnose. According to a recent study, these issues happen far too frequently. While in many instances, no damage is done because of these mistakes, there are times when it can lead to a person becoming more ill, suffering from the spread of disease and perhaps dying when it was not necessary.

Delayed treatment of gangrene causes spread and veteran's death

Regardless of a person's age, whenever there is a medical issue in Boston, it's a cause for concern. That concern is meant to be assuaged when a doctor says that it is nothing to worry about or diagnoses it as an issue that can be easily treated. There are, however, far too many instances in which a negligent physician will make a mistake. A failure to timely diagnose can lead to a worsened condition and possible death. Delayed treatment can mean the difference between living a normal life and ending up debilitated or in the grave.

Failure to diagnose cancer in man leads to spread of disease

When a person in Boston goes to the doctor with a problem that might be cancer, one of the most relieving responses the doctor can give is that it is not cancer. There are times, however, that the issue actually is cancer and the patient is not only suffering from the disease, but was also subject to the doctor's failure to diagnose cancer. The failure to timely diagnose cancer can result in delayed treatment, the spread of disease and worsened condition. In the most negative instances, it can even led to death when it could have been delayed or prevented entirely.

Vitamin B12 deficiency gaining attention as serious medical issue

For decades, Boston patients suffering from a deficiency in the vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, may have seen their condition dismissed by much of the medical world as not nutritionally caused. Misdiagnoses of various maladies may have been made due to a patient's B12 problem, a situation that is now receiving dedicated attention from doctors and other healthcare professionals. This attention has led to more data being collected and reported regarding the issue.