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Is stillbirth ever caused by medical malpractice?

Losing a baby after it is born or when it still in the womb is a devastating experience for parents. A natural response to this loss is searching for blame. Many Massachusetts parents go through a period in which they blame themselves for the infant's death. When this period ends, both mothers and fathers often look elsewhere for a place to lay the blame.

Birth injuries: The risks and rewards of a planned home birth

Giving birth to a child is an extremely personal experience for both parents. As the options for a successful and contented birthing event expand across the nation, it is important for parents to explore these options and choose the one that works best for them. A planned home birth under the care of trained professional offers many rewards, but the process is not without a few risks as well.

Is infant hypoxia caused by negligent birth injuries?

Unfortunately, birth injuries because of negligence happen far too often as many Boston parents can attest. Sometimes, mistakes made during the birth process cannot be remedied, but if a member of the birthing staff catches these errors in time, babies can recover and lead healthy, happy lives.

Premature membrane rupture is risky and requires management

A normal pregnancy lasts longer than 37 weeks. For some women, this isn't something that is going to happen. Instead, they have preterm premature rupture of the membranes, which means that the woman's water broke prior to 37 weeks gestation.

Get legal help if your child is injured during birth

There's something particularly tragic about a child who is injured during delivery. Partially, it's the recognition that the infant was robbed of so much potential -- right at the moment when all that potential should have begun. Partially, it's the recognition that the parents have nurtured a healthy infant for 40 long weeks -- only to have that infant's health destroyed by a careless mistake at the last moment.

Parents should understand their rights in birth injury cases

Looking forward to the birth of a baby is something most parents spend nine months doing, with each of those months being full of excited anticipation for the growing baby to join their father and mother outside the womb. That excitement, hope4, and love makes it all the more devastating when something goes wrong and birth injuries occur. If those injuries are a result of medical malpractice, the parents, on behalf of the baby, will undoubtedly want to pursue a legal case.