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Posts tagged "Pregnancy-Related Injuries"

Is a medical professional to blame for your baby's birth defect?

Your pregnancy and the birth of your baby can be some of the happiest times of your life. But for some parents, those months are fraught with worry and illness. As the due date approaches, the parents might be fraught with trepidation that something may go wrong.

Massachusetts woman sues fertility clinic

Choosing in vitro fertilization to begin or enlarge a family can be a difficult path to parenthood, one that may be fraught with disappointment. But one North Attleboro woman was shocked at the discovery that a Providence, Rhode Island, fertility clinic retained a cryopreserved "morula," or embryo in its early stages, from her in vitro fertility efforts back in 2004.

Black women face increased risk of dying in childbirth

Imagine experiencing the thrill of seeing your wife give birth to a much-loved infant, then just hours later seeing the life slip away from her as she bled out from an undetected birth injury. The distraught widower had only time to capture the baby's first moments of life with his mother before she succumbed to internal bleeding from the lacerated bladder that occurred during her cesarean section.

Childbirth can be a death sentence for Black mothers

If you are a pregnant African-American woman in Boston, you probably have no idea that you have three times the likelihood of dying during your pregnancy than your Caucasian counterpart. But according to a USA Today investigation, the United States is considered to be "the most dangerous place" for childbirth in the developed world.

Failure to spot preeclampsia is dangerous to mother and baby

Health care for pregnant women has come a long way across the decades. More women than ever are able to enjoy complication-free pregnancies and give birth to healthy infants. Unfortunately, hazardous medical conditions still exist that can cause pregnancy-related injuries in mothers and in babies. Preeclampsia is one of these life-threatening conditions.