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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Needle sticks remain major danger for health care workers

If you work as a medical provider in a health care setting, getting stuck by a contaminated needle is likely one of your greatest concerns. Many debilitating and even deadly diseases can be transmitted from patient to health care worker via a dirty needle.

Did a co-worker's illness cause your on-the-job injury?

Significant numbers of workers in the United States face harm and perhaps even death due to safety risks posed by their own co-workers. Certainly, some of these dangerous lapses can be attributed to negligence. But with others, the root cause may far less clear.

Can I file a claim for workers' comp after a scaffold injury?

It's quite common to see Boston construction workers climbing around on scaffolding erected all over the city. In fact, by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimations, approximately 65% of construction workers' job duties place them regularly on scaffolds.

Home health workers face high injury risks

As the American population ages, there will continue to be a need for home health workers to provide care and assistance to patients. The value of these workers is incalculable, as many might otherwise have to live in-patient at nursing homes or worry about becoming a burden to family members.