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Posts tagged "nurse malpractice"

Nurse accused of injection-related negligence

One of the ways medical professionals sometimes administer medications to patients is through injections. It is very important for medical professionals to act properly when administering medications via injection. Injection-related negligence by nurses or other medical professionals can cause a great deal of harm to patients.

Surgical error turns routine laminectomy into near fatality

A laminectomy is not an uncommon surgery. It typically involves the removal of a spinal disc, insertion of a polymer spacer or other type of disc, and the fusion of the nearby vertebrae with a titanium plate and a few screws. About 300,000 of them are done annually, many of them certainly in Massachusetts.

Boston mother receives $11M after infant death

In an earlier post we mentioned that Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was found to have one of the worst readmission rates in the country. Beth Israel had among the highest national readmission rates for patients experiencing heart attack, pneumonia, or heart failure. Readmission can mean that patients are more likely to encounter problems such as infection and medical malpractice. Patients say that the hospital has other issues, including inadequate care for premature infants.

Activists not daunted by court's refusal to hear malpractice case

Medical malpractice is a devastating event for many Boston families, but some families are not allowed to seek redress for their love one's suffering because of an antiquated legal rule that blocks medical malpractice lawsuits against military hospitals. Currently military hospitals are shielded from malpractice suits under the Feres Doctrine.

Hundreds of patient deaths blamed on "alarm fatigue"

The failure of hospital staff to respond to alarms from medical devices contributes to many patient deaths. A Boston Globe investigative report linked over 200 hospital patient deaths between January 2005 June 2010 to problems with alarms on machines that monitor patients' vital signs.