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Posts tagged "plastic surgery"

Regulator: plastic surgery malpractice is "out of control"

Yesterday we discussed the case of a 32-year-old mother of six who died of a painkiller overdose after her plastic surgery. This mother's death is shockingly common because most state regulations concerning plastic surgeons are very lax. This means that doctors who are trained in other medical areas such as obstetrics or vision are now performing plastic surgeries after training courses that can take as little as a weekend.

Cosmetic surgery patients weigh medical malpractice risk

There are many concerns that Boston residents have while considering elective surgery such as tummy tucks and liposuction. Medical malpractice can occur during any surgery, but family members are especially burdened by the guilt that may arise if a loved one is seriously hurt or killed in an optional surgery. In a previous post we discussed the death of a Framingham woman who may have died as a result of a breast implant surgery and complaints that other patients of the clinic had. Unfortunately incidents such as this are not uncommon and many women and men die every year after cosmetic surgery.

Malpractice concerns rise at Massachusetts plastic surgery clinic

The death of a Framingham woman has left a community wondering whether her death was the result of a surgical error at a local plastic surgery clinic. It is unclear whether the 39-year-old mother died from a breast implant surgery or a post surgery fall.