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Birth Injuries Archives

Determining if negligence contributed to a birth injury

Learning that a newborn baby has health problems can be devastating for any parent, whether the condition is temporary or permanent. There can be a lot of waiting, unanswered questions and time that a baby cannot be with the parent while doctors and nurses work to provide treatment.

Important basics about cerebral palsy, part 2

In a recent post we began a discussion about cerebral palsy, a common neurological disorder among children that stems from a brain injury or malformation. The condition can develop through no fault of anyone but there are also cases that might have been prevented through better medical care. 

Emergency measures sometimes result in birth injuries

Emergency and birth are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence. Modern medicine strictly measures the development of fetuses from conception to projected birth to ensure that the entire process proceeds as smoothly as possible. However, despite all the efforts of modern medicine, it sometimes just isn't enough. Emergencies are called emergencies because they are unplanned. It is reasonable to think that during an unplanned, high-stress and time-sensitive surgery mistakes will be made. Unfortunately, during the birth of a child, these mistakes can have far-reaching ramifications.

3 things to know about Erb's palsy

While a mother and doctor may have one birth plan figured it, once in labor, the plans can drastically change in order to do what is best for the baby and mother. However, this is not to say that all aspects of a delivery are necessarily going to be a surprise. Rather, monitoring during pregnancy can alert doctors to such concerns as the baby being too big.

Important basics about cerebral palsy, part 1

When a family is expecting a child, there is often just as much worry as there is excitement. Welcoming a child into the world brings great joy, but there are also risks associated with childbirth and issues that no parent would hope that they or their child would face.

Can a bad judgment call lead to a birth injury?

When it comes to delivering a baby and what the best course of action is to take, parents rely on the expertise of their doctors to make the right call when it comes to the birthing process. If the doctor says forceps should be used, or that it is time for a cesarean section -- especially in the moment of delivery -- most parents will just trust that the doctor's advice is solid and go forward with the plan.

Placenta previa and how it affects the delivery process

Expectant Newton parents are simultaneously excited and worried about the upcoming birth of a child. While in the back of their minds, most parents will account for the possibility that there might be something wrong with the newborn at birth, it is generally believed that medical professionals will be able to catch most issues and deal with them. That, unfortunately, is not always the case. One possible problem is called placenta previa.

Dangers of a C-section to Newton newborn babies

A cesarean section has become so common a procedure in Newton that it's easily forgotten that it is actually surgery and can be dangerous. In many ways, it is even more risky because there is not just the mother who is a concern, but the newborn as well. Having a baseline idea of the details of the procedure and its risks can help parents recognize when a negligent doctor might have made a mistake during the delivery process when there is a C-section.

Study: Stillbirths now outpace infant mortality

A recent study shows that rates infant mortality have fallen in the United States over the past decade. Unfortunately, researchers have not found a similar change in the number of stillbirths. In fact, the number of reported stillbirths is slightly higher than the number of reported infant deaths.