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Birth Injuries Archives

What is a laryngeal nerve injury in a newborn?

When a woman in Newton has a baby, the last thing she will expect is for the newborn to have some sort of birth injury. Unfortunately, this can happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it is an unavoidable instance that nothing can be done about. In other cases, however, there might have been a sign that the infant was going to have some sort of problem unless there was medical intervention. Perhaps the medical professionals made a mistake during delivery. One possible issue that a newborn can face is a laryngeal nerve injury.

What is BPD and how is it linked to premature birth?

Newton parents who are expecting a baby need to mitigate their excitement with the realization that birth is a medical situation just like any other change in the human body. Both mother and newborn are vulnerable to medical issues and injuries. In some situations, this can be due to circumstance. In others, it is due to a mistake made by the medical professionals providing the care. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia is a problem that can happen when a baby is born prematurely. It's important to understand it when considering whether or not an error was made by the medical staff leading to it.

Umbilical cord prolapse and its risks for Newton birth injuries

Newton parents might not think about the various things that can go wrong when they are expecting a child, but it is unavoidable that birth injuries happen for one reason or another. In some instances, it is due to a negligent doctor. It is important to understand the potential dangers during the pregnancy and delivery process. One problem that might arise and cause damage is umbilical cord prolapse.

Pursuing a birth injury case for Newton facial nerve palsy

When Newton parents are expecting a child, it is likely in the back of their minds that there could be an issue arising during the pregnancy or delivery process that results in birth injuries. When the reality hits, however, it can be a terrible experience that can be costly both emotionally and financially. When the injuries could have been avoided, it is even worse. One problem that can happen is facial nerve palsy.

Understanding birth injury from perinatal asphyxia

Newton parents who are expecting a child must always bear in mind that there is the possibility of a birth injury occurring. These injuries can happen while the mother is pregnant or during the delivery process. In some instances, the doctors and medical staff could have done something to prevent it. In other cases, the medical professionals might even have made a mistake to cause it. One health issue that can occur with a baby is perinatal asphyxia.

Is HIE a serious brain injury for a baby?

Birth injuries can happen for a multitude of reasons with results that can lead to major problems and the need for long-term care. Parents in the Newton area who are expecting a child place their trust in the medical professionals in charge of the birth. When there is a mistake, it's important that they understand how and why it happened. One issue that can happen during birth is hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

What are dangers of Newton newborn extractor injury?

Newton parents who are expecting a child will feel the natural excitement of the next phase in their lives. They won't be thinking of potential complications that might arise. Unfortunately, there are frequently problems that might make medical intervention a necessity during birth. One particular instance when this is in evidence is when there is the need to use a vacuum extractor. When vacuum extraction is necessary, there is the possibility of an extractor injury. It's important for parents to know the risks involved with this process and how to recognize if there was an injury after the extractor was used.

What is stillbirth and how does it happen?

The enthusiasm and excitement that expectant parents in Newton feel when preparing for the upcoming birth can rebound into one of the worst experiences of their lives if there is a medical problem with the baby. If that medical problem happened because of a negligent doctor or an error made by the medical staff during the course of the pregnancy, it is made worse because it was an avoidable incident. Stillbirth can be even worse than injuries a baby or mother might have suffered, because the baby will have died before the baby was born.

Concerns over birth injuries during Newton C-sections

In some Newton births, there are reasons why the medical staff will decide upon a Cesarean section. While the procedure is common, there are still dangers with it to both the mother and the child. In some cases, the decision to have the procedure is elective. In others, the medical staff feels it is necessary. The commonness of the procedure does not eliminate all dangers of birth injuries and damage to the mother. It is imperative that parents understand the potential risks of a C-section during the delivery process.

Spotting symptoms of Newton birth injuries at various ages

When a baby is born in Newton, the parents will undoubtedly be cognizant that everything appears normal with the child, whether the delivery process was difficult or not. It is one of the worst case scenarios if birth injuries occur, and parents might feel a semblance of relief if they were concerned and the baby appears to be perfectly functional. However, some issues take time to manifest themselves. It is not always obvious that the child is suffering from a disability, condition or disorder. Parents need to know how to recognize possible problems at various ages.