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Massachusetts hospital errors continue to threaten patient safety

Should your ability to get safe medical care depend on what hospital you choose? You may not even have a choice, depending on the circumstances. If you're brought to a hospital by ambulance in an emergency, it's unlikely that you have the luxury of stopping to ask the emergency medical technicians if they know the facility's safety ratings before they leave you there. Yet, your life may actually depend on that very information.

Gaps in medical cybersecurity raise frightening possibilities

In today's digital age, it seems we're constantly hearing about large-scale hacks that jeopardize our personal information and expose us to potential identity theft. Most of these hacks target financial data: credit card numbers, bank accounts and the like. As a result, the financial industry has taken decisive steps to improve cybersecurity.

Should you sue even after a doctor apologizes?

We teach our kids that they should say sorry when they hurt someone, or when someone is injured in the course of an accident. The same should apply to physicians who want to give alternative recommendations or express their sympathies when medical procedures go awry or don’t go as planned.