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Posts tagged "surgical errors"

Trouble with basic left-right concept can lead to medical trouble

A Dr. Gerard Gormley is noted for his focus on a problematic issue that might surprise some: right-left confusion. Gormley's research suggests a frightening statistic: about 10 percent of people struggle to tell right from left. 

How common are surgical errors in Massachusetts?

It is not uncommon to read or see reports on national television about defective medical devices or dangerous drugs. However, it is not as common to hear or read about surgical errors tied to anesthesia or other drugs administered during surgery. Unfortunately for Massachusetts residents, simply because something is not a common topic of conversation, it does not mean that it does not happen.

What do doctors learn from malpractice complaints?

Since our law firm represents victims of medical malpractice in Massachusetts, we usually share posts about victims' cases, ranging from surgical errors, misdiagnoses, birth injuries and more. But this post takes a different look at the issue of medical malpractice, by giving you an idea of what doctors say and feel following a malpractice complaint.