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Posts tagged "surgical errors"

Study of surgical errors gives clues to how and why they happen

Even with technological advances and a greater amount of scrutiny on patient safety, one medical problem that frequently arises in Newton, and across the nation, is when there is a mistake made during surgery. Research indicates that surgical errors can happen for a variety or reasons and be made in numerous ways. From surgical equipment left inside a patient to wrong-site surgery, these errors can lead to worsened condition and even be fatal. Knowing the potential for these kinds of errors and what to do in the aftermath is imperative to being compensated.

Study into surgical errors indicates how to avoid them

For people in Newton, surgery is an intimidating enough proposition without having to think about the possibility of surgical errors being committed by the medical staff. Unfortunately, they do happen. Research examines the circumstances surrounding these mistakes and attempts to explain why they occur. This research went back five years and 1.5 million procedures, finding 69 mistakes.

Legal help for Newton surgical errors in cosmetic procedures

For many people in Newton, plastic surgery is an option that they consider for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a corrective necessity or they might have a perceived imperfection that they want to repair. Or it could simply be a matter of need for a career. Some people just want to adhere to their own preferred aesthetic and have a procedure done. Just like any surgery, however, there are risks for surgical errors or a negligent operating room staff. These can cause significant damage and even fatality.

Surgical equipment left inside a patient can harm Newton patients

A surgical procedure can be a scary experience for people in Newton. The mere thought of a person putting their life in the hands of another person is terrifying in itself. When the potential of surgical errors is factored in, the worries for the person undergoing the procedure and his or her loved ones can be almost too much to bear.

Surgical errors and issues with technological advances

For patients and doctors in Newton, new equipment and the advancement of technology was supposed to improve patient outcomes, make procedures safer and help everyone feel better about undergoing a medical procedure. Unfortunately, the technological advancements are only as effective as those who are overseeing their implementation and technological issues have come to the forefront amid concerns that these machines are not being checked as they should be before the operation commences.

Legal help for surgical errors during Newton gastric bypass

The weight problem in Newton has led many people to consider getting gastric bypass surgery to try and lose weight. This is generally used by people whose obesity is posing a threat to their long-term survival and quality of life. While the upside is that they will no longer be as hungry and will therefore lose weight by eating less, any surgery carries with it a certain amount of risk. In some instances, the risk isn't the surgical procedure itself, but surgical errors made by a careless surgeon.

Being aware of injuries and death due to a surgeon mistake

Serious injury can result from a surgeon mistake in Newton, across the state of Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Regardless of where these mistakes and surgical errors happen, the overseeing authorities are keeping a watchful eye on doctors and hospitals to call them to task when a surgeon mistake or other form of medical error is made. Those who have been harmed need to understand when there has been an error -- even a fatal surgical error they might not have known happened -- and take steps to seek to be compensated for it.

Legal assistance for Newton surgical errors

When a person in Newton need to undergo an organ transplant, there are many worries that the individual and his or her family will have as the need becomes more urgent. It is often necessary to wait for a suitable donor to be found. There are waiting lists that have to be dealt with, even if a suitable donor is found. Not all transplants work as planned, and there are extended health problems hoping that the patient's body will accept the new organ and begin functioning normally.

Massachusetts surgical errors in children

When a child in Newton is set to undergo surgery, the parents are unavoidably worried about what is going to happen. While the majority of doctors and medical professionals who are involved in the procedure take great care with any surgery, they are extra careful when children are involved. However, all the caution in the world does not avoid inevitable mistakes that can happen. Surgical errors may not happen particularly often, but they are still exceedingly dangerous. One such mistake is surgical equipment left inside a patient.

How often do various surgical errors occur and why?

In Newton, and across the country, people who are preparing to undergo surgery must be aware of the possibility that a surgeon's mistake will cause them damage or even kill them. These surgical errors in its various forms are called "never events" because they are mistakes that should never happen. They are surgeries in which the wrong body part is operated on, the wrong procedure is done or the wrong patient is operated on.