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Surgical errors can change your life; get compensated

Mistakes can happen during a surgery, but many of them should not. Surgeons and the medical team supporting the surgery should be taking steps to prevent wrong-site surgeries, wrong-patient surgeries and other medical errors, either before or after surgery.

To help prevent these mistakes, these are some steps you can take as an advocate for your own health. Keep track of what kind of surgery you're having and ask all questions about the surgery before you agree. Ask your doctor about the medications you should not take before your surgery. Ask if you're allowed to eat or drink before surgery, and ask about removing your nail polish or trimming your nails; this is sometimes required for accurate readings on machinery.

Medical mistakes a leading cause of death nationwide

We would all like to believe that the purpose of the medical industry is to heal patients, not hurt them. Yet few people realize just how frequently medical errors occur. In fact, medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of death nationwide - right up there with heart disease and cancer.

The most common mistakes include:

Pharmacy errors are more common under these circumstances

Medication errors are some very serious errors that can lead to long lasting harm or death. Understanding what factors can lead to these mistakes when they are made by pharmacists might help some patients to avoid being affected by a medication error.

Pharmacists that work in busy pharmacies are more likely to make medication errors, according to one study done on the matter. In fact, when 100 to 200 orders per shift occurred, the error rate was 2.58 per 100. At 201 to 400 orders per shift, the error rate increased to 8.44 per 100 orders. When the number of verified orders was greater than 400 per shift, the error rate was 11.11 per 100 orders.

Feres doctrine: Protecting military hospitals from lawsuits?

Are military hospitals protected against lawsuits from those in the military? Unfortunately, they are protected by the Feres doctrine, which was created as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1950. The doctrine prevents military members from suing the government over injuries suffered in combat, training or other military activities. What may not have been expected, though, was the impact it would have on those in military hospitals. Critics of the doctrine say it protects military hospitals from malpractice claims, even though those claims may be legitimate.

Under the Feres doctrine, you can't sue the government, if you're a military member, for any injuries that you suffer incident to service. That doesn't seem like it should apply to those in military hospitals in many cases; for instance, a baby born with birth injuries was not being born as a result of service actions. Illnesses like a ruptured appendix or another illness may not be a result of service, either.

What are some common causes of traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by a variety of accidents. The tie that binds them all together is that they produce effects that greatly affect the TBI patient and those close to that person. Understanding some of the common causes of TBIs might help some people avoid suffering from one of these injuries. For others, it might help them understand their injury.

What are some common events that can cause a TBI?

Why do birth canal issues arise during labor?

Birth canal issues are serious; they can lead to injuries to your child during the birthing process, and in some instances, put your life in danger. There are several reasons a birth canal issue could arise, but in most circumstances, if your doctor is aware of what's happening, the issues can be taken care of through a Cesarean section or by manipulating the child inside the body.

When are birth canal issues possible?

Delayed diagnosis leads to fatal diagnosis

Imagine learning that your doctor didn't disclose something about your health to you. An estimated 12 million Americans are said to be affected by diagnositic errors each year. Around 10 percent of those are communication errors. Around one-third of those have caused disability, serious harm, or death.

That unthinkable situation happened to a bassist who recently learned that he has cancer. Interestingly, he learned that 4 years ago, a CAT scan that was done to check for broken ribs was the first imaging scan that had noted the nodule, but the man wasn't ever told about the nodule.

How can you prevent drug errors?

Preventing medication errors is important for the safety of patients. If you've ever received and taken the wrong medication, you're already aware of the danger that put you in. Combining the wrong medications can be dangerous or deadly. Your attorney may be able to help you file a case against the negligent party if you've been injured by drug errors, but in the future, there are some tips for staying safe.

How can you make sure you're receiving the right medications?

Avoiding traumatic brain injuries at home

There are few injuries that can disrupt every area of life like a traumatic brain injury. While many people may assume that such injuries occur primarily in unavoidable freak accidents, there are actually many steps you can take to minimize the risk of sustaining such an injury for yourself and for your loved ones.

Like many forms of safety, preventing a traumatic brain injury begins at home. Most traumatic brain injuries result when someone slips and falls accidentally. There are many ways you can reduce the risk of this happening in your home. You can start by improving the lighting in your home. A poorly lit area is more likely to contain tripping hazards that cannot be easily seen and avoided.

The dangers of high blood pressure during pregnancy

Pregnancy often comes with a long list of woes. Many expectant mothers suffer from swelling, fatigue, nausea and a wide range of unpleasant physical symptoms. High blood pressure (or hypertension) is another common pregnancy complication.

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