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Racism, poverty and substandard maternal care in America

In most developed nations, death during childbearing and childbirth is declining -- except in the United States.

Death rates in the United States among pregnant women and new mothers have actually more than doubled between 1987 and 2013. Depending on where you live and what race you are, the statistics can be even more terrifying.

Electrocution deaths are a major problem

Construction projects in Boston, Massachusetts, sometimes involve accidents of various kinds. Those who suffer injuries in those accidents are entitled to workers' compensation. One is fatal electrocutions.

According to a recent report from the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), released Nov. 1, fatal electrocution was the cause of death for 82 construction workers in 2015. Despite that being a 39 percent reduction in electrocution deaths since 2003 for the construction industry, the CPWR says that it is still unacceptably high. According to their report, 61 percent of all 2015 work-related electrocution deaths were in the construction industry.

What is muscle death?

Rhabdomyolysis, or muscle death, isn't a term you hear that often -- although it probably occurs more often than you realize.

It's important to understand the causes and symptoms of muscle death -- because what starts out in a small area of the body can suddenly put your entire survival at risk.

Fall results in workers compensation case

Boston is home to many hardworking individuals for whom English is their second language. A high percentage of them speak Spanish as their first language. When those individuals suffer injuries while working, they may need the help of others to translate from English to Spanish, including in cases that involve claims for workers' compensation.

That happened recently, when a janitor who had been working at Tufts for 20 years suffered a fall and injured her left shoulder. Her granddaughter translated the janitor's statements from Spanish to English. Those statements affirm that the janitor suffered a torn muscle, and that she feels that she has not yet received sufficient worker's compensation in view of the injury and the resulting loss of work.

Opioid crisis among nurses affects patients' safety

The medical community is hardly immune from the opioid epidemic in this country. In fact, doctors, nurses and other staff members may steal medication from patients -- especially patients who aren't theirs.

Stealing prescription painkillers from patients isn't a new problem, but it can lead to unexpected consequences. For example, one hospital saw five different patients develop infections in their bloodstreams over just five weeks.

Worker injured in partial trench collapse

There are ongoing public works projects throughout Boston, Massachusetts, virtually every day of the year. When injuries are suffered by workers at the sites of those projects, there may be a basis for filing workers' compensation claims. A recent accident one Mill Street one Thursday morning did result in an injury being suffered by a water department worker, and the details of that accident are now being made public.

The worker was in a shallow trench at the project site working on a water main when it partially collapsed when one side gave way. Fire and police officials were informed about the incident at 8:43 a.m. The director of the Department of Public Works declined to give the worker's name out of a respect for personal privacy, but a police sergeant has addressed the accident on record.

The importance of safety related questions in a job interview

Are you job hunting? Maybe your previous employer disregarded your health and safety. Not many people consider workplace safety before accepting job offers. In many cases, salary and location are the primary considerations.

Regardless of the industry in which you seek employment, hazards exist in almost all of them. Just like a potential employer will want to know all about you before offering you a position, you may want to ensure that he or she complies with safety regulations and prioritizes employee safety.

A late cancer diagnosis can lower your chance of survival

Cancer is a group of malformed cells in your body. The more of them that they are and the further they've spread, the harder they are to eradicate.

That's what makes getting an early, accurate diagnosis so important. Even a short delay in your diagnosis can end up hurting your chances of survival by quite a bit.

Birth injuries and their causes

Sometimes, during a birth, complications can occur. These complications can often lead to birth injuries. In some cases, these injuries are due to choices that doctors and nurses make in the delivery room. In other instances, they are completely unavoidable.

As an expectant mother, it is important to understand the various types of birth injuries that your child may be as risk for. By knowing about potential dangers beforehand, you can have a candid conversation with your doctor about procedures to avoid birth injuries.

The most common medical errors that often prove to be fatal

When health care goes wrong, the consequences can be devastating. When a loved one dies due to substandard medical care, most people would want to hold somebody responsible. Have you experienced such a tragedy? If certified medical staff failed to comply with accepted standards of care, you might have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A myriad of errors can occur, including birth injuries, medication errors, misdiagnoses, infections, neglect and abuse -- all of which are preventable medical mistakes. Responsible parties could include the staff of hospitals and other medical facilities, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, and other individuals or entities. The primary areas of medical malpractice include the following: