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A slip and fall accident can happen in any workplace, on any given day. They are more likely to occur, however, in a workplace that has been poorly maintained by a company or employer. If you’ve recently been injured in a slip and fall accident at work in Boston, Massachusetts, the lawyers at Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates can protect your legal rights. We will provide a rapid and effective evaluation of your work injury case so that you know exactly what to do next. Call 1-877-LAW-DOCS today to start your case with a free consultation.

When to Contact a Work Injury Attorney in Boston

If your workplace slip and fall accident gave you a serious injury that interfered with your ability to work, you may need an attorney to help you obtain the financial recovery that you deserve for lost wages and medical bills. An experienced Boston workers’ compensation attorney can go up against your employer’s insurance carrier on your behalf to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and bills – either through a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Even with only minor injuries, a lawyer can help you understand your legal options and move forward after a workplace slip and fall.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls at Work in Boston

Slip and fall accidents can plague any workplace in Massachusetts. Workers in health care, finance, retail, hospitality, construction, technology and tourism are all at risk of slip and fall accidents if a workplace isn’t safe. Many property defects and hazards can cause falls accidents at work, including:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Food debris or spilled drinks
  • Rain or snow getting tracked indoors
  • A lack of “Wet Floor” or caution signs
  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Unsafe staircases and railings
  • Cracked or broken sidewalks
  • Grease or oil spills in warehouses
  • Exposed cords or wires
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Loose rugs or carpeting
  • Dim lighting

It is an employer’s responsibility to keep a workplace reasonably free from slip and fall accident hazards. This duty may require implementing work safety protocols, inspecting a workplace regularly for slip and fall risks or property defects, and posting warning signs if something threatens the safety of workers. Failing to meet this duty of care can make the employer responsible for a related worker injury or death in Boston.

Are You Eligible for Financial Compensation for a Slip and Fall at Work?

Like most states, Massachusetts requires workers’ compensation insurance for most employers. If you qualify for this type of insurance coverage, you can receive payments to reimburse you for around two-thirds of your missed wages, all of your related medical expenses, and temporary or permanent disability pay. You do not have to prove that your employer or someone else was at fault for your slip and fall accident to receive these benefits.

If your employer caused or contributed to your injury, however, you may be better off filing a personal injury claim against your employer. If you suspect employer negligence, do not accept a workers’ comp settlement until you’ve spoken to an attorney. Once you’ve accepted a settlement, you cannot sue your employer for negligence. You can, however, still file a lawsuit against a third party after accepting workers’ comp benefits, such as the owner of the property where your slip and fall accident took place.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Boston

Being injured in a slip and fall accident at work can interfere with your ability to do your job and earn a living wage. It can also result in significant physical pain and emotional suffering, as well as expensive medical bills for you and your family. While no amount of money can restore you to your pre-accident state, a fair compensatory award can help you and your family pay for necessary medical care and move on.

For more information about a slip and fall work injury case in Boston, contact Barry D. Lang, M.D. & Associates to request a free consultation. We have receptionists available 24 hours a day to take calls from potential clients.