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Be aware of the 5th leading cause of young adult deaths

Strokes are not medical events that only impact the elderly. The older you get, you are probably starting to grasp the reality that old age is relative. Technically, you might be seen to others as, well, old -- or at least older. 

Ovarian cancer is one of the top diseases doctors miss

When you go to the doctor and you get a clean bill of health, you trust that the medical professionals would have found anything that was wrong. Your very life could hang in the balance. If the doctor misses something and fails to diagnose a serious ailment, it could get worse -- and even turn fatal -- before it's found.

Should you ask your doctor every question you have?

When you go to the doctor, maybe you're a bit nervous to ask all of your questions. Maybe you're afraid the doctor will think it's a "dumb" question and will be annoyed. Maybe the doctor looks like he or she is in a huge rush, and you don't want to be an inconvenience with something that's not actually a big deal.

Do people often sue for a failure to diagnose?

If you've ever had a doctor fail to diagnose your issue properly, or diagnose it as the wrong disorder, you know how detrimental it can be. However, you be wondering if this is a common problem or if you really just got unlucky and your case is an outlier.