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What medical conditions are commonly misdiagnosed?

People in Massachusetts and elsewhere rely on the knowledge of medical professionals to help them receive the right treatment. The first step in any treatment plan is pinpointing the patient's condition and delivering an accurate diagnosis. When failure to diagnose occurs, it triggers a cascade of potential problems for the patient such as:

Medical cognitive bias that could cause diagnostic errors

Medical mistakes and diagnostic errors are common in doctors' offices, hospitals and other health care facilities in Massachusetts. While some of these errors are benign and easily corrected, others can lead to critical conditions and even death. Failure to diagnose and misdiagnoses are among the most common medical mistakes, and they can have catastrophic consequences for patients and their families.

This is why you should care about failure to diagnose cancer

Learning that you have cancer is one of the most frightening revelations that you will ever experience. In truth, it is safe to say that no one ever wants to hear those words spoken by a physician. Yet, if you do indeed have cancer, you need those words and you need them as early as possible. Failure to diagnose cancer is more common than you may think. It could happen to you or to someone you love and need in your life.

Be aware of the 5th leading cause of young adult deaths

Strokes are not medical events that only impact the elderly. The older you get, you are probably starting to grasp the reality that old age is relative. Technically, you might be seen to others as, well, old -- or at least older.